Dear baby:

We have developed a morning routine. It includes watching television. Two years ago, had someone predicted this, I would have called bull hockey. I would NEVER rely on a television to survive the day. But, here we are. And, I love it.

It isn’t survival the way one might imagine. I do utilize PBS in order to shower, but this is a different. You are not a cuddly child; you are too busy for such nonsense. So, I have scheduled this morning ritual because you sit near me as we both slowly wake.

The ability to recognize that these moments are precious, even more so than stupendous events, is the greatest advantage we “older than average” parents have.

I love our mornings together.




Dear Sarcasm:

I hope you are not lonely, but I have had a very productive day. And not just one of those “check list” days, but an excelling sort of day. Except for the tantrum management, but we have Elmo, Dora, Calliou to thank for the help there.

I am officially ready for employment. Yes. I. Am.

2. I worked out with the “A Team” today for 1.25 hours. They do not drive a custom van, but they are most certainly not the “B Team” with whom I typically train. I did not die AND I am functioning well enough to type… or so I think.

3. A cheap fix worked! With a joint effort from Mr. Cleen, my 1.99 fix to replace yellowed, 40+ year old light covers looks awesome. Yes, these are low temperature bulbs and a high temperature placemat. I love the lemon grass reflected in the mirror. The color is more like a lemon grass than the intense green in my pictures. Also, there are no tiny aliens or fairies living in the bath. Just super effects from my super phone case (again, not sarcasm).

Tonight, Sarcasm, you sleep alone.



Dear Mina:

I am glad that you know your name. I feared that your friends and family were confusing you with our never ending string of nick names. Why should I fear!?! You are the smartest baby that ever existed. Some of the names that have fallen out of our mouths during your short time on this earth, thus far:

  • sugar
  • juju beanabee
  • sugar puff
  • sugar baby
  • my lil husker doo doo
  • lil’ she-ra
  • fruitcake
  • pookie
  • zombie baby
  • CHUB (cannibalistic humanoid underground baby)
  • bebe
  • snicker doodle
  • love
  • meena bear
  • meena baby
  • meena bee
  • shipoopi
  • boo
  • boo boo kitty
  • The Girl
  • noodle
  • bunny
  • Maena
  • lil’miss
  • bo bo
  • Fauna, er…
  • sweetie
  • sweetums
  • Money
  • smiley
  • string bean
  • scooter
  • little bit
  • loosey goosey
  • sugar bean

We are silly. But, we are because we love you silly. Crazy, silly.



Dear baby:

These pictures still make me giggle seven months later. You had such a great Halloween. And, I am am grateful that my mother’s costuming skills was not on a recessive gene.

Swim little goldfish, swim!


Dear Igloo:

I drive by your manufacturing facilities in Texas multiple times a year. I noticed several times what I THOUGHT was a giant handle to your classic, red, six pack cooler. I was sure that I was imagining this; what major corporation, whose target customers aren’t children, would do something so playful?

Several drives later, I could no longer go without researching. What a reward for my efforts! I bet those security guards stay very cool in there.

Well done Igloo, and really, I was taking pictures of your security building and you do not need to track me down and find out why I was snapping photos of your facilities.



Dear Patrick Chirico:

I imagine that your target audience for this design may not have included children. Being a mother of an imaginative, hotmatchwheelsbox car collecting child, these pillows are desirable for myself and my baby. Why do toys have to be so obviously toylike (and often times hideous)?

Found at DesignPublic.

Thank you for the playfulness!

P Gnome

Dear Maison Plastique:

I sometime use the phrase “It tastes like candy!” to convince my toddler to eat something new. It is often a true statement, although a bit backwards. I feel like grapes most likely preceded candy, but that is a technicality really.

YOU taste like candy. I know it. But, I feel like I should visit you just to make sure. I will bring a small army of girlfriends to confirm my results. Accuracy is key.


Your truly,


Dear Vivian:

I love you.

Too, soon? Perhaps. But, I am the honest sort.

Your chair takes my breath away.

Never thought I’d say that.

More please,


Dear ladybug:

I like your environment. It looks lovely. Did you know that I spent 4 months traveling Europe studying green spaces in urban environments? I think your bit-o-green is perfect and just might have to recreate it for my very own ladybug, or micro gnome since I am far more likely to have one of those guys handing out around my desk.



Desk Jockey

Dear baby:

When you pick your nose, I do not want you to put the results into my nose. But, thanks!

I would much rather work as a team like so:




p.s. I bet that everyone who watched the second offering caught themselves slow bopping their head

Dear Colleen:

I FOUND the dude who inadvertently ended up with your Ooomph!


Much love,


Dear Japan:

Yes. Yes. Yes.



Dear baby:

This could not possibly be one year ago today!



Dear Tobias:

You are awesome. I want this in my home. Now.

Ping Pong door

Ja, bitte!


Dear void:

I am collecting my thoughts which these days is exactly like that EDS commercial about herding cats. And yes, I can remember an advertisement from 2001. Just don’t ask me for my mobile number.

I like to make things. That seems simple, but it isn’t. I like to make all kinds of things. Baby blankets, websites, friends, music, Internet finds, beautiful environments, thriving gardens, discoveries while traveling, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, meatballs, sarcasm, paintings, sand castles and .5g as I start at a green light.

An example of an Internet find? I would be happy to explain. Take for instance:

Luminous XVI Chandalier

This chandelier makes me happy. It is clever. It is well executed. It makes me miss my days in architecture studio. It makes me miss making.

So, I am going to get back to it. The mommie gig is awesome, but I am spending less time slicing each grape in half. Perhaps I can allocate that time saved elsewhere…






Dear America:

Pop culture icons are not heroes.



Dear baby and friend:

You two are growing up entirely too fast.

Slow it down.


Mama &, undoubtedly, the other Mama

Dear stressed ones:

Watch and learn.



Dear Norway:

I love your insanity.



Dear peeps:

Be sweet!


Martha’s B-Day 10-09-1985 from New Picture Agencies on Vimeo.