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Dear Sir Borenstein:

You and your friends are SO cool. 1994 cool. Which, as we all know, is the coolest of the cool.

I love magic!



Dear Colleen:

I FOUND the dude who inadvertently ended up with your Ooomph!


Much love,


Dear void:

I am collecting my thoughts which these days is exactly like that EDS commercial about herding cats. And yes, I can remember an advertisement from 2001. Just don’t ask me for my mobile number.

I like to make things. That seems simple, but it isn’t. I like to make all kinds of things. Baby blankets, websites, friends, music, Internet finds, beautiful environments, thriving gardens, discoveries while traveling, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, meatballs, sarcasm, paintings, sand castles and .5g as I start at a green light.

An example of an Internet find? I would be happy to explain. Take for instance:

Luminous XVI Chandalier

This chandelier makes me happy. It is clever. It is well executed. It makes me miss my days in architecture studio. It makes me miss making.

So, I am going to get back to it. The mommie gig is awesome, but I am spending less time slicing each grape in half. Perhaps I can allocate that time saved elsewhere…






Dear America:

Pop culture icons are not heroes.



Dear stressed ones:

Watch and learn.



Dear friends:

I don’t know how this is happening, but we have been watching many movies lately. We are busier than ever, but it just keeps happening. Whatever it is, I love it.

We have watched two features that surprised us and demand sharing:
1) Dragon Hunters
2) Red Riding (the trilogy)

Dragon Hunters is French animation at nearly its best (the best being Renaissance). The ending was meh but it was so beautiful. And it stars a strong little girl.

Red Riding (In The Year of Our Lord 74/80/83) is a cop drama set in England. These were made for TV. Television. You must watch to see why I would mention that as NOTHING is allowed to be this good on TV here. And, no, HBO is not TV.

So, I recommend.

Rotten Potatoes

Dear Nature:

Stop this 40+ degree temperature swing on a daily basis. Seriously. My skull is going to explode.

But, thanks for making so many silly people. I would be lost without them. So would a bunch of animals. Including all the furry babies at our house. Lots of silly around these parts.

Silly Pants

Dear Tatooine:

Thanks for being so inspiring!


Jeremy Messersmith – Tatooine from Eric Power on Vimeo.


Dear cupcakes:

I love your recursion.

Yes. This is all I have today.  But, isn’t it delicious!


Dear friends:

Remember back in the day when you would spend 30 minutes looking for JUST the right animated GIF to incorporate into the message you were sending to a friend (who often times was sitting less than 20 feet from you)?

I do. And sometimes I miss those days. But, today is pretty cool, too.



Dear self:

If all it takes to enter a contest is a link, DO IT. Especially if the prize is a bike that you have been eying for some time (thanks to a mommy blogger who rides one). And super especially if the company is a cool one like Madsen. I would do this with it:

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

But, I love the frame color here! It makes me crave Easter candy.

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

I often talk about biking around this fair city. But, I am not a confident cyclist. I do well enough on my own, but I am intimidated by the thought of having baby’s weight centered high (in a traditional bike baby seat or on my person). I rode a bike in college with a heavy backpack. Occasionally, it wasn’t pretty. This bike would solve all of that. And, it looks cool. But then again, I have always thought station wagons are sexy.

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Safe cycling,

Gambling P

Dear Charlie & Tyler:

There are some very bad things about technology. I fear that my baby will not be able to tolerate the quiet. There is always sounds being emitted by an electronic device or combustible engine around these parts. Will she be able to sit still and do nothing but introspect in silence? I don’t know.

And, have technological advances made our lives easier? Or more complex?

But, technology is certainly not all bad. In fact, some of it is mind blowing-ly awesome. I don’t mean cure diseases awesome. But, just fun awesome.

Good job making thousands, and maybe more, smile, guys!


Dear Metaverse:

I have not properly thanked you in a while for sharing several most excellent examples of these things don’t go together but boy-howdy do they ever go together. Here are two that pretty much blew my mind. So, thanks for that.

Old Spicy Marvel


Rap Tribute by White Boys J&J

Muchas gracias!


Dear  Damian, Tim, Dan and Andy:

You just made my Monday so much brighter.  This is indeed the best use of Ikea, dog treats and a goat in a very long time.

Here it goes again,

A Big PFan

Dear Will Ferrell and Steve Carell:

Watch your backs. You are funny. Mind blowingly funny. But, it seems to me that what makes you both stand out is your ability to NOT laugh.

Even if I possessed the wit and timing that you do, I could never not laugh. Not at what you do amongst the troupe of people with whom you work.

These young fellows, however, are just as good as you are at not laughing. Never mind their other talents.

Consider yourselves warned,


Dear CompuServe:

You have served me well.

Much thanks over the long, long years,


Dear Old Spice:

You are old. But, you are awesome. Because you hung around this long? Because you reinvented yourself? Because your marketing is so effective that I smelled your new scent last trip to the Target (not so effective that I purchased)?

Awesome because you triggered this combination of non related, most awesome things:



Dear Giantcardboardrobots:

I have to tell you.

You are dead sexy.



T-Rex Armed Lady

Dear peeps:

I am a fan of paper craft.  Even my handle  reflects this. I have gotten away from creating so much (read any) paper craft myself these days. Why? We fostered a dog for several months, RIGHT up to the end of my pregnancy. That dog ate one of my favorite pieces. That dog was excellent training for me and my expectations about the general welfare of “stuff” around our living quarters. So, no more time poured into something that makes a great spit wad.

I do, however, keep an eye open for others investing time and creativity into the art.  This blew my mind.

I also like the song. It feels like air blowing through my hair.

Thank you Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast), Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) and Kid Cudi for “All Summer”. You rock. Literally. And, figuratively.

Mrs. Windows are Down while I Roll

Dear brain:

I am sorry for the lack of sleep.  I know I deserve not being able to find my keys, my car or even remember my name sometimes. I don’t think I am worthy of the wondrous gift of humor, though.  It is awesome that I find everything so hilarious. For instance:

Moose Shoe Pork

I appreciate the stitches in which you keep me.


Your Body