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Dear Universe:

How is it that spider goats have come up in conversation multiple times in the last 3 days?

Perhaps because they are conversation worthy? Goats. Big goats that have genetic material from silk spinning spiders spliced into their own sequence. You know. The usual.

Let’s take it a step past this idea.

How about we take the silk protein from our spider goats and implant it into human skin to see if we can make a bullet proof human? Yes, sir.

I love me some science, but I am going to go back to watching the tube for the night.

I love goats (despite their devil eyes). I love spiders (they work hard).

But, stop messing with me.



Dear Stephen:

You may not be aware of this, but I love you. Your voice talents on Pocoyo have made it possible for me to consume many a meal as my toddler watches an episode on my phone. Your personal vehicle is a black taxi cab. You were the best part of V for Vendetta. Ok, that isn’t saying much. But, we feel similarly about this fine and insane country in which I reside.

The official and unofficial national anthems make me cry and fighter jets startle me as well. And, of all the rivalries to document, you chose Auburn/Alabama.

And, yes, I know I will have to get rid of this lady if we are to spend any quality time together.

Love always,


Dear God:

Thank you for the Internet.

You are awesome, indeed. God. Beluga Whale. Mariachis. All of you.



Dear Colleen:

Thank you for starting my birthday morning off with delicious cinnamon rolls and coffee! It set the day for the proper course. When I return the favor, I will be making you THIS:

It is from one of our favorites:

Also check out my pal, Molly, as she is as awesome as you are (and she is giving away cool stuff).

Yours for evah and evah,





Dear Molly:

Congrats on the 100th post! I am glad SOMEONE I know was blogging while I was too busy to do so. Your work is inspiring. And, it looks good on my blog.

Molly at rocks her casbah!

Check my girl out:


Dear Sir Borenstein:

You and your friends are SO cool. 1994 cool. Which, as we all know, is the coolest of the cool.

I love magic!


Dear Conan:

Today I treated myself to listening to 24 minutes of your commencement speech at Dartmouth. I was multitasking, BUT You had my attention. What you said is so true:

“…disappointment leads to clarity, which leads to conviction and true originality.”

Thank you for sharing your disappointments so publicly with us over the last two years. It has been a pleasure to watch you excel, despite the circumstances. You are truly Teh Awesome.



Dear Patrick Chirico:

I imagine that your target audience for this design may not have included children. Being a mother of an imaginative, hotmatchwheelsbox car collecting child, these pillows are desirable for myself and my baby. Why do toys have to be so obviously toylike (and often times hideous)?

Found at DesignPublic.

Thank you for the playfulness!

P Gnome

Dear baby:

When you pick your nose, I do not want you to put the results into my nose. But, thanks!

I would much rather work as a team like so:




p.s. I bet that everyone who watched the second offering caught themselves slow bopping their head

Dear Colleen:

I FOUND the dude who inadvertently ended up with your Ooomph!


Much love,


Dear Japan:

Yes. Yes. Yes.



Dear Tobias:

You are awesome. I want this in my home. Now.

Ping Pong door

Ja, bitte!


Dear void:

I am collecting my thoughts which these days is exactly like that EDS commercial about herding cats. And yes, I can remember an advertisement from 2001. Just don’t ask me for my mobile number.

I like to make things. That seems simple, but it isn’t. I like to make all kinds of things. Baby blankets, websites, friends, music, Internet finds, beautiful environments, thriving gardens, discoveries while traveling, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, meatballs, sarcasm, paintings, sand castles and .5g as I start at a green light.

An example of an Internet find? I would be happy to explain. Take for instance:

Luminous XVI Chandalier

This chandelier makes me happy. It is clever. It is well executed. It makes me miss my days in architecture studio. It makes me miss making.

So, I am going to get back to it. The mommie gig is awesome, but I am spending less time slicing each grape in half. Perhaps I can allocate that time saved elsewhere…






Dear Norway:

I love your insanity.



Dear peeps:

Be sweet!


Martha’s B-Day 10-09-1985 from New Picture Agencies on Vimeo.


Dear Charlie & Tyler:

There are some very bad things about technology. I fear that my baby will not be able to tolerate the quiet. There is always sounds being emitted by an electronic device or combustible engine around these parts. Will she be able to sit still and do nothing but introspect in silence? I don’t know.

And, have technological advances made our lives easier? Or more complex?

But, technology is certainly not all bad. In fact, some of it is mind blowing-ly awesome. I don’t mean cure diseases awesome. But, just fun awesome.

Good job making thousands, and maybe more, smile, guys!


Dear Metaverse:

I have not properly thanked you in a while for sharing several most excellent examples of these things don’t go together but boy-howdy do they ever go together. Here are two that pretty much blew my mind. So, thanks for that.

Old Spicy Marvel


Rap Tribute by White Boys J&J

Muchas gracias!


Dear Mr. Tyson:

I cannot condone a great deal of your life’s events that became pubic knowledge. I am sure some of it was exaggerated. But, the convictions and the BITTING? TWICE? Seriously.

I hope you are finding peace later in life. Everyone should. I think that laughter can be a path to peace.  If you feel the same way, then you are on your way. Seriously.

This is funny to me and clearly funny to you.

Kudos, Mr. Tyson,

Mrs. P

Dear  Damian, Tim, Dan and Andy:

You just made my Monday so much brighter.  This is indeed the best use of Ikea, dog treats and a goat in a very long time.

Here it goes again,

A Big PFan

Dear Old Spice:

You are old. But, you are awesome. Because you hung around this long? Because you reinvented yourself? Because your marketing is so effective that I smelled your new scent last trip to the Target (not so effective that I purchased)?

Awesome because you triggered this combination of non related, most awesome things: