Dear Wee One:

You loved school at the end of day one:

The start of day three? Not so much.

There was much screaming and flailing on your part. There was vast amounts of sensitivity and professionalism on the teachers’ part. I got all shifty eyed and felt guilty.  Then, I got over it and thought of ways to make the journey to school a distracting adventure.

I think we should bike to school. We are so close to school, that I could throw you there with a little strength training. BUT, there is no gate out of our complex in that direction. The hike to the gate and back is more than I think a toddler and a sleepy mommy can manage.

What about a bike?

Easy. Go buy one (or better yet, make my bike nerd go buy one for me).

Where would we hide it?

More difficult. Luckily, there are some suggestions today (in addition to the bike nerd’s home he shares with his patient wife and toddler) on ApartmentTherapy.

Ye ole cogs are a turning in the brain matter.