Dear Spud:

Yesterday, you attended your first day of school. How did this happen? I know that time moves forward in slow motion for you. But in my mind, I just weaned you (actually you weaned me, Miss Control). And now, you are going to school. Quite happily, I might add. And I am doing pretty well, too. I like missing you and rushing over to pick you up.

Your spoken language is a mystery to me sometimes. But, last night’s conversation over dinner was clear as a  bell:

Mom: “Baby, sit down in your seat.”

Spud: *blinks*

Mom: “We sit down at the dinner table. Sit down or you will get a time out.”

Spud:*looks away wistfully*

Mom: “Sit down. One”

Spud: *pulls her shirt away from her tummy so she can look down and observe it fully*
             “Neena pretty? Neena cute?”

Mom: “Yes. Pretty and cute, but you will still get a time out. Sit down”

Spud: “OK, mama.”

What else did you learn at school today?