Dear Sarcasm:

I hope you are not lonely, but I have had a very productive day. And not just one of those “check list” days, but an excelling sort of day. Except for the tantrum management, but we have Elmo, Dora, Calliou to thank for the help there.

I am officially ready for employment. Yes. I. Am.

2. I worked out with the “A Team” today for 1.25 hours. They do not drive a custom van, but they are most certainly not the “B Team” with whom I typically train. I did not die AND I am functioning well enough to type… or so I think.

3. A cheap fix worked! With a joint effort from Mr. Cleen, my 1.99 fix to replace yellowed, 40+ year old light covers looks awesome. Yes, these are low temperature bulbs and a high temperature placemat. I love the lemon grass reflected in the mirror. The color is more like a lemon grass than the intense green in my pictures. Also, there are no tiny aliens or fairies living in the bath. Just super effects from my super phone case (again, not sarcasm).

Tonight, Sarcasm, you sleep alone.