Dear Colleen:

Recently, you left me behind as you packed to go home. I took advantage of this time off from my normal duties of keeping your foot warm, to see our nation’s capital.

I told them to stop messing around.

Then, I messed around a bit.

I am a clever one.

I touched art that ought not be touched.

I am a rebel!

The zoo is impressive.

Tattooed bears!

Then the weirdest thing happened. I was admiring the fall foliage…

…when someone PICKED me like an ordinary piece of fruit!

Then, I was banished! The nerve!

So, I sought refuge where I thought I might not be noticed.

But, the sly devils found me!

Then I realized the wee thing was saying famished, not banished. She was just looking for an appropriate pairing. When I thought of pairing juice with small, over-priced children’s crackers I realized I missed being in a pair and keeping you warm.

So, I am on my way home!

See you and Lefty soon!


Your Right Sock