Dear baby:

You have added so many skills to your set these last two weeks. You mimic our behavior in such fun ways. For example, you like to clean up (on your own schedule). If you spill, you ask for a towel and wipe it up. If you create garbage, you put it in the trash bin. If you play with your blocks, you put them in their box.

Your Dad came home and needed to get out of his office clothes. You helped him by picking up one of his socks and promptly taking them to the trash bin. I diverted you, and asked you to take them back to Dada so he could show you how to put them in the dirty clothes bin. By the time you made it back to him, the sock was gone. Your Dad I I agreed that we’d find it when we found it and have a good laugh at that point.

Laugh we did.

When it was found in the toilet.

A little too late.

One more location to look when something goes missing and a good reason to move FAST when I see you trotting off with my iPod or cell phone.

Love you,