Dear San Antonio:

Let me first say that the thing I miss most about Austin is my circle of friends. Austin is a striking place. But many of the features that charmed me when I first moved there, are now gone.  This doesn’t make Austin any less appealing. It simply made it easier to leave. Except for the friends. That part sucks.

San Antonio is a very different place. The first difference I noticed upon arriving is size. Austin is a small city that feels metropolitan; San Antonio is a sprawling mega city that feels like a town. The second difference is the gentility. Austin has an unusual number of college students and young tech workers; San Antonio has a vast population of armed service members. Having been surrounded by both groups, I present this theory:

  • There are fewer brats in San Antonio than Austin.

I won’t overwhelm you with data to support my theory. But, I will tell you about the drive home yesterday. We were 2 miles from our house when the power went out. All traffic signals were out, but traffic was moving. We were in a backup that appeared to be caused by an unpowered traffic signal drivers were treating like a four-way stop.  But, that was not so. It was from a rail road crossing in fail safe mode due to the power outage. Much to our surprise we observed the following miracle:

  • Drivers were driving around the gate arms (our trains are regular and it was not train time). There is only enough width for one vehicle at a time. Traffic in both directions yielded to the other after 8-10 cars.

Traffic. Yielded. Without. An armed officer. Yelling commands.

Had this occurred in Austin there would have been one of two outcomes. Folks would have waited in their cars playing Word with Friends on their smart phones for the two hours it took to restore power and thus the rail road crossing. OR, they would have turned into zombies and rampaged one another, their cars, and the rail road crossing down to the crunchy, red, flashing light. It doesn’t take much to cause a riot in Austin. Trust me.

San Antonio, I salute you!

Corporal P