Dear Mommiverse:

You told me it would happen. I just thought we’d be immune. Our baby would be different. Or rather, our baby would eat the way I did as a child. Like an adult. Trying new things. Putting very few items on the list of yuck.

Our good eater has, in one week, transformed into a picky, picky, picky eater. And a stubborn one at that.

Here’s the odd thing: she is craving many of the foods that children demand be removed from their plates. Peanuts. Pine nuts. Cashews. Ketchup. Mustard. Relish.

She also wants a steady stream of graham crackers. But, I hear that is pretty normal.

But, no fish, chicken, bean, carrot, potato, pasta, nor pizza shall pass her lips.  Not even covered in ranch.

So when you child says “I want my burger dry!”, save the condiments for mine.

The Nutty P