Dear Mean Streets:

My friends recently took an epic trip across America.  This particular trip was more “up and back” rather than cross country, but it was inspiring nonetheless.

My parents packed a van with themselves, my grandmother, my sister, me and a few clothes and started driving in 1986.  We drove through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. I might be wrong on the Iowa part. Apparently, you miss whole states when the trip is this long. Almost twenty five years later, I can remember a great deal of this trip, excluding Iowa. There are so many vistas locked in my mind. And when I recently tried hypnotherapy for the first time, I remembered a moment from this trip when the therapist asked me to recall the most content moment of your life: wading in a stream in Yosemite. I know! Hocus pocus. But it works for me and I was shocked that my conscious mind had not recalled that memory from the banks in years. Go subconscious, go!

I love traveling the world and have been blessed to have done so much of it. But, it is nice to travel at home. Marvelous, in fact.

Your roaming gnome,