Dear parents out there:

How do you balance encouraging your children to try things (and possibly failing) with praising them when they succeed?

I want to be the “good effort!” parent. But, I am inclined to jump around, high five The Dad and resort to all kinds of silly expression when my daughter succeeds. I don’t know how we will do it, but it is at least a topic that The Dad and I discuss. NO. The baby isn’t even one year old yet. But spitting out that clump of cat hair when I ask her to IS an achievement.

I saw this Dad’s efforts and am, well, marveled. He spends 5 minutes each night drawing one character with his daughters before bedtime. There are traffic light cycles in San Antonio that last longer. The Dad and I both relish drawing and I think we just might have to steal this idea.


This seems like the perfect opportunity for everyone to receive and give praise for everyone’s efforts.  It also seems like a most excellent giggle generator.

Go geek dads!


Nerdy Mom