Dear T:

I am so excited that you are having a baby. I have SO MUCH TO WARN TELL YOU ABOUT that I dare not do via the telephone.

Diapers!  For two-ish years, you will be thinking “do I need to change it,” “do I need to buy more,” “did I pack enough,” and “how can a body so small make a mess so big?” It is never ends.

We do what works for us.  This is our formula:

  • At the house: 24 Fuzzi Bunz with 12 extra inserts and 6 heavy hemp inserts for over night
  • Out and about: disposable diapers of the brand for which I have a coupon

We tried Fuzzi Bunz out and about. Once M started eating solid food, our diaper bag proved too small to carry food, diapers AND dirty diapers. I also was not a fan of carrying around a sack of… poo. So, I embraced a hybrid system. I think we spend about $18 a month on disposables. If my math is correct, we’d be spending that much every three days without the cloth diapers. That means that the cloth diapers pay for themselves pretty quickly.

The laundry, you ask? I don’t care what diapers you use, baby makes for tons of laundry. Baby is dirty. You are dirty. All family members get dirtier. What’s one more load every other day?

Where does the poo go? In the wash until it is clumpy enough to shake off in the potty. Yes. I just said clumpy.

Here is my shopping list for cloth diapers:

  • diaper hamper
  • 2 diaper hamper bags
  • diaper hamper air fresheners
  • 24 diapers (per size if the brand you use is sized)
  • 36 (total) inserts
  • 6 overnight (hemp) inserts
  • 2 medium wet bags
  • diaper sprayer potty attachment

I am not paid by anyone to talk brands or vendors. I do think that the experience that a friend or family member has with a product or vendor beats any advertisement.  So here is the list above repeated with links from where I received my products:

I did not buy most of the diapers new. The bulk I bought used and they are awesome. Buying used cloth diapers is a separate post, however.  The easiest “how to” for that is buy from a trusted friend.

So, there it is. The poo and the containment thereof.


Your Sister