Dear eM:

I recently volunteered to create a “mix tape” (no, this phrase will not die until my generation does) for a fabulous friend’s baby shower. By volunteer I mean demanded. I had all these songs that I have been circulating in my brain since your birth and I HAD to share them. They just make sense to me when I think of you. Recipients of this mix may have very well called protective services on your behalf. In my defense:

  1. You are the one I’ve longed for; I’ve waited for; and I adored.
  2. You make me smile sweetly and everyone can see (I am not a natural smiler).
  3. You drive me crazy (in the best sense of the phrase).
  4. My love for you is brighter than sunshine (in Texas this is really saying something).
  5. You have shown me that place over the rainbow.
  6. My love is both serious and very, very silly.
  7. I am happy just to be near you.
  8. When I feel like I am having a bad day, I realize it is a bad day with your company and that makes it a better day.
  9. I will always watch over you for the rest of your life (but not in a creepy way).
  10. You can count on my love forever.
  11. I’ll be your Mama till the end of time.
  12. Even during the sleepless nights of colic, I loved you, despite being fairly certain (in my delusional state) that you did not love me back.
  13. You make me so happy that I float, figuratively.
  14. You are my darlin’.
  15. We make a wicked good team.
  16. You are small, but bright. Don’t ever forget that.
  17. I walked with you in my dreams before we met.
  18. I love you intelligibly and unintelligibly.
  19. You are the only song I want to hear.
  20. I would pull down a cloud for you if that is what would make you happy.

Yours truly and deeply,