Dear hoarders:

I know who you are, I mean, you know who you are. There are three horders in my life who I love dearly. I have tried to talk to them about creating a photo book and throwing away the crap.  But, if they need a misshapen chunk of metal 17-and-a-half years from now and all they have is a photo of it, who will be sorry then, huh? The concept is to photograph what you want to keep for memory sake and then get it out of the house. I know, I know. Way better in concept.  Well THIS blows that concept out of the water and all the way to the planet Jupiter.


If Mina ever does find a “lovie”, I will not buy 5 of them to secretly replace them as she slumbers as to extend its life unnaturally. I will commission Jennifer to capture the essence of Mina’s confidant for her, and us, to remember.


The Space Saver